Language Services

Help you Reach Peak in Academia 

We provide translation, proofreading, mentoring, and courses on academic writing to keep you up to the mark in research. The aim of all these services is to assist researchers to step forward in academic writing to meet the desired standards and make the research selection process easy. 

We offer different services: 

A- Translation and Proofreading: Transforming your Research into Effective Writing 

We provide you with accurate academic translation and proofreading to make sure that your project meets the highest academic standards in English after translating it from other languages such as Arabic (العربية), Spanish (Española), French (Françoise), Chinese (中文), and Japanese (日本語). Our team of translators and proof-readers are professional native speakers of the target language. They are qualified to translate and proofread research papers, journal articles, essays, conference papers, and reports. 

B- Mentoring: Guide you Reach Higher Level in Research Writing  

In our one-to-one mentoring services, mentors will provide mentees with pieces of advice on how to improve their research writing step by step. If you need personal mentoring, please be in touch via [email protected]

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