Welcome to the Ziggurat Journal of Materials Technology - a New Open Access Journal

Jürgen Bast
Institute for Machine Elements, Engineering Design and Manufacturing, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany


Dear readers, authors and colleagues,

Technological progress plays an essential role in the development of human society. The increasing global population and its mobility, the expansion of urban areas, climate protection and the conservation of fossil resources present challenges that can only be overcome by the improvement of existing resources and the development of new components, materials and production processes. Conventional materials have quickly reached their limit as new mechanisms are developed. These fields of application require the supply of new materials working in aggressive environments at extreme temperatures and high stress. These new materials are also expected to automatically alert us when critical loads are reached to avoid accidents caused by failures.

This is the first issue of the Ziggurat Journal of Materials Technology, and we hope that you are satisfied with the content. The title of the journal primarily suggests materials technology; however, we strive to present a broad range of topics, including questions about the interaction between design, material, manufacturing and energy. The efficient interaction between these parameters results in components that are optimally designed and economically feasible.

The idea for this journal resulted from the editors' realisation of the large knowledge potential that is being developed at colleges and universities around the world by scholars and PhD students. These clients must have the opportunity to publish their work and get in touch with other scientists. We want to reach out to young researchers and encourage them to present their work to a wide range of readers. Furthermore, a scientific career today requires evidence of publications that withstand the corresponding assessments of specialist colleagues and meet the criteria of good scientific work. In this context, the submitted articles will be subjected to a strict review. The principal objective is not to criticise work but rather to provide advice on how to improve the quality of the work presented.

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to submit articles and use this journal as a reference for your ongoing scientific work.


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