About the Journal

Ziggurat Journal of Materials Technology

The Ziggurat Journal of Materials Technology (ZJMT) publishes rigorous peer-reviewed articles including full-length original research and review articles. The review articles should address an up-to-date understanding of a selected topic, summarise it, and provides a convenient analysis describing the achievement, difficulties, and current trends. Rapid communications are also welcomed, provided that it is sufficiently novel and/or it provides enough impact on the state-of-the-art of current materials technology. The most significant contributions, which is checked for language and plagiarism, will be considered. The journal aims to deliver a clear vision to the relationships between materials micro/nano design, processing routes, and the final properties and functionalities.

The topics of the journal include, but are not limited to:

Materials: Synthesis, Processing, and Designing

Materials: Computational and Theoretical Studies

Surface and Interface Engineering of Materials

Materials for Energy Generation, Storage, and Utilisation

Thin-Film Technology

Ceramics, Polymers and Composite Materials in Construction and Civil Engineering

Electronic and Magnetic Materials: Characterisation, Properties and Theoretical Studies

Soft Materials and Biomaterials

Steel and Light Alloys

Powder Technology

Structural and Functional Materials

Smart & Advanced Materials

Steel & Light Alloys Fabrication and Characterisation

Echo-friendly materials and processing routes, energy efficiency, and sustainability-related materials technology

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials:

Computational Nanoscience

Quantum Effects in Electronic Nanodevices

Theory of Molecular-Scale Transport

Nano-Electronics and Single-Molecule Electronics

Quantum Transport

Electrical and Thermal Properties of the Molecules and Semiconductors

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